As part of a continuation from Sue’s MA studies where she looked into supporting adults in opening new thinking patterns to get to innovative ideas, she started a series of Playshops so she could have a lab space to experiment. Sue’s goal was to take adults who didn't know each other and lead them through 90 minutes of directed creative and playful activities to see how it impacted their sense of flow both individually and collectively. She designed with multiple types of expression in mind (verbal, spacial, kinesthetic, metaphorical, logical, etc...) and ensured that thinking styles and modalities changed several times in one session.

Participants reported time passing very quickly, a sense of surprise around their creative output, a sense of delight at co-creating with others, and quickly feeling a sense of belonging and care for those they were with, despite not knowing anything about each other. Some other charming testimonials included a sense of excitement waking on Playshop days and sleeping better after a Playshop evening.

Sue loved these sessions and would happily launch this living creative lab support again for a client.