Nudge Client Testimonials

Anyone who has participated in a day or event with Sue Biely as facilitator has been eager and willing to provide glowing testimonials about the experience. Find a selection below:

“Sue's work, on the grand scale, is dedicated to making the world a better place. She encourages change both on a societal level, and on an individual internal level. She does this by taking on causes and organisations she believes in and helping key players in those areas to connect with ideas and possibilities they had not considered before. Whether she is championing Canadian film, helping adults connect with the power of play, creating ways for city-dwellers to connect with nature, or encouraging others see the virtues of transmedia storytelling, Sue is making a difference.” - Jen Moss, Producer & Media That Matters Participant

“Sue is a highly engaging, intuitive consultant who brings energy and fun to group process. Bringing multiple stakeholders through orienting, dealing with conflict and coming to cohesion, Sue creates and holds spaces with ease. Her fluency in creative innovation strategies and formats brings levity and flow to solving complex issues, including strategic planning. Sue's creative, multi-media approach brings a new dimension to capturing strategic work in way which builds cohesion and clearly spells out the path forward. Among consultants, Sue's ability to hold large system work stands out and shines.” - Joelle Pfeiffer, Director of Human Resources & Organization Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County

“Sue has an uncanny talent for getting busy, distracted, often skeptical people to drop their guard and engage fully. Whether in small focus group-like settings or rooms of 100+ she somehow manages to coax, cajole and charm disparate groups of people into playing well together. But she's never overbearing or forceful - rather she seems to have a magic for reading and harnessing the collective potential of the room, so people arrive at outcomes that have the potential to be greater than the sum of their component parts, and aren't strictly preordained. She's simply so good, and so prepared that she's able to seamlessly lead people to places they didn't expect to go, and they get tremendous energy back from that.” - John Dippong, Director, Industry Promotion, Telefilm Canada

“Sue Biely has been an invaluable resource to our organization. Her expertise and ability to build relationships allowed us to develop effective policy, strategy and programs that fostered the growth of the sector. Sue’s ability to work with the stakeholders to extract a focus point was a key factor in shaping our policy direction.” - Robert Wong, Vice President, Creative BC

“Sue’s warm-hearted spirit stands out in any crowd. She cares deeply about the well-being of community, easily builds friendships, and brings people together across boundaries with ease. She is also super creative and shares the wealth of her resources freely. I enjoyed working with her immensely and am looking forward to future engagements with her.” - Regina Rowland, Ph.D.

“I love working with Sue because I know that in her eyes sparkling you up and making you shiny is the most important thing for her. You can tell because she gets excited when you are.” - Michael Mann, Creative Director and Creativity Coach

“Sue's facilitation makes your brain pop! She's an intuitive, engaging workshop leader who knows how to tickle you into new ways of thinking. Sue's use of humour, precision and grace at once makes you feel both challenged and comfortable.   The community came away more connected than ever before and with pockets full of ideas and tools to implement in growing our businesses. Quite the talent, Madame! Thanks so much.” - Sandy Mayzell, Founder, Dancing With The Octopus

“Sue is one of the most creative, dynamic, fearless facilitators and coaches. She creates transformative experiences for groups that have fun, learning, and creative tension in the right amounts. She goes the extra mile - or hundreds of miles - to enable great work.” - Posy Gering, Next U

“Sue Biely (AKA Tequila Sue) is a facilitator who engages adults in deep and creative discourse through structured exploration and play. She has an amazing ability to tease out new approaches, and get to the root of what's really going on, revealing new solutions and ways of seeing the world.” - Teri Snelgrove, Associate Producer, NFB & Media That Matters Participant

“As independent filmmakers, we often get lost inside our little silos of independence. This event allowed me to connect with so many amazing and supportive people; I left inspired and feeling connected to a cohort of colleagues I could not have met any other way. It was beyond my previous "conference" experiences and certainly beyond my expectations”- Jenny Rustemeyer, Filmmaker & Media That Matters Participant

“What I loved most about this experience was the safe space I felt our facilitators created for us. It was a space which allowed us to be open, vulnerable and ready to discuss and tackle the bigger picture issues that we normally don't get a chance to talk about. I now feel like I have the resources, community, and inspiration to go full steam ahead with my next project.”   - Kathleen Jayme, Filmmaker & Media That Matters Participant

“My fellow participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds including filmmakers, activists, journalists, funders/investors. This unique collection of individuals combined with the dynamic and varied program, set in a facility dedicated to lifelong learning, created a perfect environment for all of us to thrive in.”  - Shirley Vercruysse - Executive Producer, National Film Board of Canada & Media That Matters Participant

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