About Nudge Consulting

Nudge contributes where cultural creatives are breaking new ground or where organizations want to be more creative and innovation when facing complex challenges. Sue Biely is the principal of Nudge Consulting and draws upon her extensive network of experts to recruit specialized talent to help support clients in their goals.

About Sue Biely

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Sue Biely is President and Principal of Nudge Consulting. She is an accomplished leader and member of the independent media community with over 25 years of varied domestic and international experience in broadcast, funding, policy, private business, sectoral development and media innovation. Sue now spends most of her time designing and facilitating initiatives to keep the independent media sector adaptive to ever changing forces. Her work ranges from managing the BC activities for National Canadian Film Day, to leading the development of new marketing and business initiatives for senior screen-based producers, to her innovative online-real life project called Inside Green that reconnects urbanites with house plants. Sue continues to facilitate and design learning experiences for conferences and groups where creativity and healthy communities are core values.


Sue’s education includes a Post Graduate Fellowship and an MA in Organizational Leadership grounded in organization development, change management and adult learning. The three pillar theories of her studies were Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Adaptive Leadership. Her course work led to a specialization in supporting the conditions and capacities for groups to become innovative.  Sue’s love for creative groups started in theatre school where she spent two years co-creating for performance and studying creative techniques to support well-being of individuals, groups and communities.


Sue loves working with others to achieve new possibilities. She thrives when flanked by fantastic folks and given the flexibility to innovate. Sue’s directs this energy in two distinct yet complimentary ways: as a Process Designer and Facilitator in service to groups and organizations and as a Cultural Innovator in the Creative Sector.

Sue is a highly engaging, intuitive consultant who brings energy and fun to group process. Bringing multiple stakeholders through orienting, dealing with conflict and coming to cohesion, Sue creates and holds spaces with ease. Her fluency in creative innovation strategies and formats brings levity and flow to solving complex issues, including strategic planning. Sue’s creative, multi-media approach brings a new dimension to capturing strategic work in way which builds cohesion and clearly spells out the path forward.
— Joelle Pfeiffer, Director of Human Resources & Organization Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County

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