In 2016, Sue started another social experiment called Inside Green. With the support of a Creative BC and BC Arts Council grant, and a team of generous and motivated creatives, Sue’s team pulled together a beta site and several events to test their idea.

plant_picker_single.png is a Vancouver-based project that connects people through the care and gifting of indoor plants. Through its interactive mapping website, you can see how your plant connects you to the city.

Once registered as a Steward, you list the plant(s) you are caring for, upload photos and can respond to some story and questions prompts.

On the site they support 10 types of plants in their plant family with care tips and short how-to-propagate videos. Their goal is to encourage you to have plant babies and gift them, thus inviting others into the Inside Green community, building a data map of each plants' Plantcestry, and spreading the practice of caring for nature across cities from the intimacy of home and work spaces.

As of December 2017, Inside Green has about 1000 plants registered and has had a presence at three Farmer's Markets, the Mural Festival, the opening of a business, brought 150 plants to staff at a law firm, taught a 4 week curriculum at an elementary school, are supporting a Global Stewardship class full of 15 year old boys, and has hosted a plant cafe for young adults with developmental disabilities.

Wherever it goes, Inside Green loves to help people fall in love with plants and be pro-active about the air quality in the spaces they live and work. They are happy to offer propagation workshops but warn participants that the trading of plant babies can get rather feisty!