Media That Matters Conference

Media That Matters is a 5 day co-creative experience that cross-pollinates across all genres and platforms of media and focuses on social change. Amidst a spectacular wilderness setting, away from daily distractions, peers interact in an innovative format to spark a better future for creators, their career goals and the media they create.

Sue has been on the design and facilitation team for this event for many years having first encountered the Media That Matters tribe in 2005.


“As independent filmmakers, we often get lost inside our little silos of independence. This event allowed me to connect with so many amazing and supportive people; I left inspired and feeling connected to a cohort of colleagues I could not have met any other way. It was beyond my previous "conference" experiences and certainly beyond my expectations.” - Jenny Rustemeyer, Filmmaker

What I loved most about this experience was the safe space I felt our facilitators created for us. It was a space which allowed us to be open, vulnerable and ready to discuss and tackle the bigger picture issues that we normally don't get a chance to talk about. I now feel like I have the resources, community, and inspiration to go full steam ahead with my next project.” - Kathleen Jayme, Filmmaker

“My fellow participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds including filmmakers, activists, journalists, funders/investors. This unique collection of individuals combined with the dynamic and varied program, set in a facility dedicated to lifelong learning, created a perfect environment for all of us to thrive in.” - Shirley Vercruysse - Executive Producer, National Film Board of Canada